Classes for Kids

We are practicing at Uniting Church hall, it is a wonderful place and we have a big space for our students.
If you are looking for Karate classes in Adelaide come and try a free lesson.
We are located in Broadview where interested parents can bring their children and enjoy Karate classes in Adelaide.
Become part of our Karate family you will feel welcome!

61 Galway Ave. & Collingrove Ave.

Collingrove Ave.



Collingrove Ave.



Collingrove Ave.
Have you ever experienced the feeling when you were forced to worry about your safety?
If you have faced such a situation in your life, you know the horrible feeling when you are under a threat without the ability to protect yourself.
It is time for you to grow and move towards the feeling of empowerment. To experience inner peace and confidence at all times that comes with the feeling of greater control over your environment.


Learning Karate is not a crash course in basic self-defense techniques.
Karate is much more. It is the only self-defense tool that is always on hand because with training and practice it becomes a part of who you are.
Karate once learned cannot be forgotten.
Learning the art of Karate and the skills to defend yourself is an incredible tool for life long personal empowerment.
Karate teaches you incredible awareness of your surroundings
and the skill of avoiding dangerous situations.
Learning Karate teaches you to mentally and physically refrain from violence and only use self-defense when it is the last resort.
Because of your developed confidence, you will become the person who is the least likely to get caught up in a confrontational situation.
Everyone surrounded by you will feel safe and will feel your newfound power.
By being increasingly time poor with fitness and exercise and our food being more and more rich with sugar and fat it is no wonder that our health and fitness is being negatively affected.
Have you considered how these increasing trends have impacted your levels of health and fitness?
Karate training is designed to dramatically improve your overall fitness and body awareness.
By developing and strengthening almost every single muscle in your body you will develop stamina, speed, strength, and flexibility.
Karate will get you physically fit and feeling great about yourself physically and emotionally. It provides a great all-around workout and will keep you in ultimate shape.
By learning to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit and combining mental focus with physical toughness your body will be able to do some incredible things.