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Started with Sensei Genaro Maya´s vision. He started practicing Karate Do on November 1970. 3 years later He started to teach Karate as a Sempai (advanced student) in his sensei’s Dojo.
“Karate became part of my life; my love and my passion for Karate led me to start my own Dojo in 1973. I wanted to share my vision with more people” (Sensei Genaro Maya).
Fifteen years ago approximately the Australian Karate Federation invited us to come to this beautiful country in order to teach our karate style.

In 2015 we arrived at Adelaide with a Distinguished Talent Visa. Since that day Maya Karate Academy opened its doors.
Today we are working in order to spread the karate benefits with as many people as possible and influence communities with a positive impact. Karate Do has changed our lives, and the lives of many others who have had the opportunity to incorporate it in their life.
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Sensei Toyama Kanken Founder of Shudokan  修 道 館



This Karate-Do style was developed by Toyama Kanken sensei. He was born in September 24, 1888 in Suri, Okinawa and died in November 24, 1966.
Toyama Kanken Sensei started his karate practice when he was 9 years old, under Itarashiki Sensei, after this, he continued with Yatsutsune Itosu sensei until Itosu died in 1915.
Yabu Kentsu sensei tought him the kata Gojushijo and Chibana sensei taught him the kata Chibana no Kushanku.





In 1924 Toyama Kanken Sensei travelled to Taiwan in order to practice Chuan Fa, a traditional Chinese Martial Art. In 1930 he went back to Japan.
He opened his first dojo in Tokyo under the name Shudokan, which means
Shu; To learn.
Do; The way.
Kan; The place.
This means “The place to learn the way”.

Shudokan is the name of our karate style. The Shudokan style comes from Shuri, Okinawa. In this city, Toyama sensei practiced karate under the direction of Itosu sensei (the father of modern karate).

Toyama Kanken became a Shihan (Shihan is a master’s title. Its meaning is akin to Doctor, Professor, etc. The title is usually awarded at 5th Dan.

Sensei Toyama called his style only ‘karate’, as in that time there was only one karate line, according to the city where you practiced; Shuri-te, Tomari-te or Naha-te.

In the Shuri-te style, the techniques are straight and the breath is a natural way. Toyama sensei called his training place Shudokan because it means ‘the place 

where you learn’, without intending to reference any style. In time, his students started to differenciate the characteristics of his teachings as a specific style that was different from the teachings of other Sensei, and so, they started referring to these karate teachings as the ‘Shudokan’ style, differentiating it from other styles.


1. Be gentle and kind

2. Transcend fear, injustice, and violence.

3. Practice with maximum passion and effort.

4. Be positive and work hard so, your body and your spirit may  flourish.

5. Strive for your dreams and be generous.

6. Conquer oneself through discipline and patience.


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